Providing Professional Film Training

The use of a talent – based admission criteria includes evaluation of special talents, achievements and awards in a particular field, such as visual and perfoming arts, athletic endeavors, special skills such as demonstrated written and oral proficiency in other languages experiences that demonstrate unusual promise for leadership such as significant experiences or achievements that demonstrate promise for contributing to the intellectual vitality of a training institution.

Talent based admission critea provides an innovative approach that is all inclusive and provides training opportunities for youth currently overlooked by the traditional film-training programmes, thus empowering them with skills and knowledge, and self-employment and empowerment opportunities, thus transforming lives.


Students are considered for this talent and achievement based admission through a departmental review of their portfolio and personal statement. Students must demonstrate talent and specific ability, task commitment and creativity.

The student submits a creation that demonstrates one’s appreciation for the visual or performing arts or illustrates the role of art in creating positive social change.

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Ministry of Sports Culture and the Arts